Christmas Gifts For Festival Lovers That They’ll Actually Love

June 1, 2018

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Yepp, it’s that time of the year again. Decorated trees, gingerbread, mistletoe, hot wine and punch everywhere – that’s the good stuff.

At the same time crossing through the crowd in the malls is getting as tricky as it is at a Marshmello concert, radios are playing Mariah Carey and that song that Kevin is lip syncing in Home Alone instead of our favorite DJs, and the pressure is growing: what the heck should I buy for Christmas?

If you want to surprise your beloved ones (or just yourself – you, witty elf), any of these nine will definitely make them happy.

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Festival tickets

Obviously. You can never go wrong with tickets :)

Not sure which one? Here’s some help:

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…or just browse through all music festivals nearby!

LED Shoes

It’s 2017 and finally it’s not only the children’s privilege to wear the cool stuff! No wonder LED shoes are dominating the festival dancefloors and Instagram feeds – they make dance moves look stunning. Lighting shoes come in all kinds and colors, the gold and silver high top ones are just LIT.

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LED Snapbacks

Everyone loves snapbacks. They look cool, they make bad hair days less bad, and you won’t need to worry about the rain ruining your hair either. The LED version does not only look even more awesome, but it makes finding your squad in the crowd super easy.

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Portable Charger

We all have that one friend who gets lost all the time at the festival and his phone just dies. Let’s help him out with Anker’s PowerCore 20100, that is lightweight, fits into his pocket easily and charges his iPhone 7 almost seven times. – That should do it for the whole EDC :)

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JBL Charge 3 Portable Speakers

The most trusted brand when it comes to portable speakers and their latest waterproof Charge speakers are perfect for pre-gaming at the campsite or just chilling at the beach. You can enjoy music for 20 hours, charge your phone, and JBL connect+ allows you to link more than 100 speakers together to amplify the party.

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UE Roll 2 Portable Speakers

The smaller and cheaper option for a great quality portable speaker is the Roll 2 from Ultimate Ears. It’s completely waterproof too, and comes with a free inflatable floatie that makes it perfect beach festivals, lakeside holidays, or just a lazy Sunday bath alone with your favorite tunes and the rubber duck.

You can strap it to your board or your backpack with the bungee and don’t have to slide without music at winter festivals either!

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Spotify Gift Cards

We are not big fans of gift cards, but honestly, what festival lover wouldn’t LOVE getting music for Christmas? Our favorite streaming platform has everything a festival lover can wish for: the latest tracks, handpicked playlists of all genres created by your favorite artists, and even podcasts. Get your beloved one a few months of music and share your favorite music with them hassle-free!

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Bose QuietComfort 35 ii

Even the wildest party animals need some quiet time every now and then. You don’t have to put on the best EDM podcasts on max volume to cut the construction noise from next door, thanks to active noise canceling you can enjoy any acoustic song too. Oh, and they’re super comfy too!

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Practically anything from Tipsy Elves

Festival lovers are fun people, so they deserve some super fun festive outfit! Get them a not-so-ugly ugly sweater or a super cozy onesie from Tipsy Elves and they’ll go absolutely crazy – in a good way!

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