The Ultimate Festival Camping Checklist 2018

Sept. 3, 2018

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Hey party people, the sun is shining (and so are you), our beloved summer festival season is just around the corner, so it’s time to pack your bags and move into the madness!

There is nothing worse than the lack of preparation ruining the days that should be dedicated to great music and pure fun. So what to bring to a music festival? Other than the obvious stuff like clothes, phone, cosmetics, toilet paper (plenty of toilet paper!), ID or passport, and your ticket here’s your essential music festival packing list to minimize drama and maximize enjoyment!

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A decent tent

You’ll probably only get a few hours of sleep – better go for a quality one so it’s not disturbed. Save the hustle and the precious festival hours, and get an instant pop-up tent. This one is Amazon’s top choice, has waterproof floors and can be set up in 60 seconds. 

4-person version has plenty of space for the squad, and the 2-person option is perfect for “hunting” and “sleepovers” – if you know what I mean.

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Pop-up canopy tent

The great camping spots at festivals with some shades are always taken within seconds (if there are any), don’t risk it just get some extra shades with a canopy tent that’s easy to set up above your tent!

It also comes handy to gather under the tent during the warm-up when the sun is burning, or there’s rain.

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Air mattress

Having a roof over your head is only half of the deal, if you have to sleep with rocks under your butt you’ll be pretty grumpy the next day, and probably half paralyzed too. You don’t want that.

After raving half the day and all night for that small amount of sleep you’ll get it’s nice to be comfy. Get a light, but strong mattress like this one and it’ll change your whole festival experience!

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Electric pump

Save your time, breath and energy, just get an electric pump for your mattress (and unicorn floaties), plug it in the car and grab a beer while it’s doing the hard work for you!

You might also make new friends and earn a few free drinks with this useful tool, helping out fellow party people who forgot to bring it and are now stuck for hours to blow up their mattress before the concert.

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Sleeping bag

Even if it’s hot during the day it can be freezing on the open-air when the night falls. Make sure you choose one that’s warm enough, but also lightweight - like this one!

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Now that you’re set for the night, let’s talk about pre-game.

Large cooler for drinks

Warming up for the party shouldn't mean drinking warm beers. You never know how long it'll take for the squad to get ready, so be safe and have cold drinks! This cooler even has wheels so you don’t even have to carry your 6 packs.

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Foldable chairs

You'll get plenty of dirt along the festival, but during these few hours of pre-gaming you'll probably enjoy being clean, and not sitting in it - especially if it's raining. Make sure you chose one with a drink holder, like this one!

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Wireless speakers

A proper pre-game requires music. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great wireless speakers out there with decent battery life that you can bring to the camp and won't let you down. We like JBL for the good quality, plus they’re waterproof so no rain can stop them and you can even take it to the beach and don't have to worry.

JBL Extreme is big enough to make the whole camping go wild, and you can even charge your phone a couple of times with it.

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The Flip 4 has surprisingly decent sound for its size. Even if you think one is not loud enough multiple of them can be paired to amplify the party.

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Power bank

Festivals usually have charger stations, but those are packed and you don’t want to leave your phone probably. Get a power bank and save the hustle!

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Ear pods

Even if the stages close down, there is always an after party in the camping. If you want to get some rest these ear pods will have you sleeping like a baby!

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Hand sanitizer

We've made some mistakes in the past, this is definitely one of them. Just trust us on this one, and you can thank us after the event.

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If there’s the slightest chance for rain bring it! It’s not funny to be soaked in a camping where there is not too much hot water during these hard times.

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Rain Boots

Save your beloved sneakers and a possible cold by packing a decent pair of rain boots for the event.

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If you want to be in the front row to see your favorite artists, or just dance around all day with your hands up in the air this one will come handy. Many festivals even have water stations nowadays where you can fill them up and stay hydrated.

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If the festival has a beach nearby this item is obligatory. No further explanation needed.

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Festivals are all about the fun: the funkier your outfit the more friends you'll probably make. Everybody loves onesies and costumes, plus if you get the same for the whole squad you'll find them easily in the crowd!

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Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (Balaton Sound)

Something's missing? Let us know! And don't forget to share this checklist with your besties!

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