21 Signs You Need A Festival ASAP

May 30, 2018

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Hey you, everything alright?

You don’t look 100% happy. That’s not right. We like it when you’re happy. Not sure what’s missing? I have a crazy theory, let’s see if my suspicions are correct.

Here are 21 unmistakable signs you need a festival ASAP.

1. You haven’t heard live music in months…

…and even that was played by a homeless guy at the subway station.

2. You constantly daydream about festivals…

…at work, school, doing the dishes, walking the dog…etc.

3. When a banger track comes on at the gym you completely forget where you are…

…and start singing and dancing around like you were at a concert.

4. You drive to work with a temptation to veer away from your daily commute…

…pick up your squad, and drive to the closest festival.

5. You’re completely burned out at work/school

It’s only 11AM Monday, but you already feel like you have been working for 8 days in a row, and Friday seems to be far away…so so far away.

6. You become restless if it gets to be too long between festivals

7. Your Facebook and Instagram feed is full of DJs and festivals

The NERVO girls pouring Jager shots here, Steve Aoki caking someone there…this is all just teasing you to jump on a plane and get some party.

Photo credit: Drew Ressler (Rukes.com)

8. You spend hours browsing music blogs and festival news

9. Spotify and live sets are keeping you alive

100 emails that need to be answered? An essay to write? Long miles to drive, or just a few in the huge traffic jam? The only way to get through this is to put some Hardwell on.

10. Every lineup announcement feels like opening a Christmas present to you

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (Sziget Festival)

11. You have no idea about work/school deadlines but…

…know exactly how many days are left until your next event, when Tomorrowland tickets go on sale, even Armin Van Buuren’s set time at Dreamstate this weekend.

12. You cancel weekend plans to watch festival livestreams

Baby showers? Graduation dinners? No thanks, Ultra is on.

13. You just feel claustrophobic in clubs

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14. One night of partying is just not enough

Even after a great night out at the club you wake up the next morning, ready to put on your rave outfit again, but you have to face the cold reality: it’s Sunday, there is no rave, so you just stand there like…

15. You have been asking for festival tickets as birthday presents for years

16. You have an exclusive shelf in your closet for festival clothes…

…so you can just grab them and go.

17. Your bucket list is 99% festivals.

18. Nothing makes you happier than passing through the festival gates…

…hearing the first beats of music, and seeing the smile and eternal happiness on people’s faces.

19. Everyone around you is getting married, having babies, buying a house, and you’re just like…

Special thanks for the original photo to Pexels

20. All of your funds go to staying alive and buying tickets

Savings? You mean my EDC fund?

21. You are reading this

Ok honey, let’s face it, you are just looking for a confirmation.


You are experiencing very serious festival withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. But just to make sure your beloved ones can catch it at an early stage too: share this article with them! ;)

Recommended treatment

Need to find a festival, ASAP. Or at least book one for the summer. British scientists have shown that even looking forward the next event works as a remedy.

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