9 Must Do Things In Budapest During Sziget

July 12, 2018

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (Sziget Festival)

(If You Are Not Too Hangover)

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, so once you’re here for Sziget festival it’s definitely worth to go the extra mile and explore this stunning city.

We know how exhausting a week of partying can be, so don’t worry, we’ve skipped all the museums, cherry-picked all the super easy but super fun activities and ended up with this 100% Szitizen-friendly list. Here you go!

Explore The Local Meals

You’ll most probably try all the Hungarian wines and spirits at Sziget festival (it’s practically obligatory), but Hungary has so much more to offer for your taste buds. Just to name a few…

Goulasch: extremely tasty, and great for your hangover. You can find it on every Hungarian restaurant’s menu.

Lángos (fried dough): I know it looks weird, but it’s actually tasty and helps with the hangover. If you want to get lucky tonight skip the garlic though! ;)

Strudel: try all the different fillings of this delicious dessert, poppy seed, cherry, or the one with traditional Hungarian cottage cheese!

Check out the Parliament

Luckily for you, there are several boats during the day departing from Sziget that’ll take you all the way down the Danube, and you don’t even need to get off to enjoy the best view of this majestic building. Just sit down, relax, enjoy the wind in your hair and the beautiful panorama.

Pro tip: join one of Sziget’s crazy boat parties if you don’t want to waste any minute without partying! ;)

Royal Palace and Castle Hill

The next stop down the river is the Buda Castle. Again, if you don’t want to leave the boat that’s fine, the view is perfect from there too.

I dare you though to climb up, explore the Castle district, check out the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Matthias Church and enjoy the stunning panorama of the Chain bridge and the city. – Trust me, it won’t disappoint!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Citadel and the Liberty Statue

Further down the Danube, you’ll come across the stunning Liberty Statue on the Gellert Hill. Climbing up the mountain or taking photos from the boat – it’s your call, but there is a good reason to get off now…

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The Famous Baths

Dip your hangover ass to one of the many world-famous Hungarian traditional baths. You’ll feel reborn, I promise!

Gellert Bath is not only one of the best, but it’s just next to the Gellert Hill.
Rudas Bath is just a few minutes of walk from there and has a breathtaking rooftop jacuzzi.
Szechenyi is a bit further into the city, but one of the biggest, and it’s open-air.

Good news: the first time is free with the Budapest CityPass, and you’ll get discounts if you come back for a second round.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Central Market Hall

The Great Market Hall is just across the bridge from the Citadel, so if you’ve come all this way stop by and get some delicious paprika and other Hungaricums for the family back home!


You can enjoy the stunning view on the Bazilika from the DiVino or 0,75 Bistro terrace, accompanied by delicious Hungarian wines or a fröccs. - You know, just to stay hydrated ;)

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sky Bar

Now that you’ve explored Budapest from the water and the ground, it’s time to check it out from the air! :)

Budapest has several sky bars, with stunning panorama on the city – these are our favorites:

High Note Skybar: probably the most beautiful backdrop, just next to the Bazilika, on the top of the Aria hotel. Make sure to wear something nice for this one, it’s quite fancy!

360 Bar: has the best vibes with live music or a cool DJ every night, and a gorgeous view from the Andrassy street (recognized as a World Heritage Site) all the way to Heroes Square and the Buda Hills.

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Immerse in the famous Budapest nightlife

If you can’t get enough of the delicious Hungarian wines, beers, spirits and partying, but want to explore the city too, just go for a pub crawl in the city. Summer nights in Budapest are always buzzing, especially around…

Deak square - the cool. Several bars with terrace or you can just buy something in the grocery store and chill around the pond with locals.

Gozsdu udvar - the fancy. Just a few minutes of walk from Deak, a ‘garden’ with several bars and bistros.

Szimpla / Instant - the ruined. The weirdest furnishing and décor you can imagine, music and (mostly foreign) people from all over the world.

Don’t leave Budapest until you’ve checked these nine! ;)

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