10 Expressions You Should Learn When Visiting Hungary For A Festival

May 30, 2018

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (Sziget festival)

They say Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages in the whole world. If you’ve never heard people speak Hungarian, here’s a nice word just to give you an idea:


- Cute, huh?

Don’t worry, you don’t need that one when you are visiting one of Hungary’s amazing festivals - you can easily get by with this ten.


Sziget means "island", and it also the name of Hungary’s largest music festival – which not so surprisingly takes place on an actual island in the heart of Budapest.

Be careful though! There are multiple islands in the capital, make sure you go to the right one!


No, it’s not a deadly disease or an insult. It actually means "cheers", so you’ll definitely need this one.

Don’t worry, after a few drinks - and the obligatory practice that goes with it in Hungary - you’ll get it right!


The Hungarian version of "hello". Don’t get confused if someone greets you with "see ya", they are not trying to get rid of you already – it’s just how they roll around here.

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (VOLT festival)


Pronounced as something like "fröcch", stands for the refreshing and delicious Hungarian spritzer of white or rose wine mixed with sparkling water. Hungarians (between the age 16-116) drink this day and night like water all summer long.

I assume you’ll also have a lot of these – just to stay hydrated you know. ;)


The dangerous traditional Hungarian fruit brandy. Refusing it if you are being offered is practically an insult nationwide.

Often accompanied by other words like "házi" or "kerítésszaggató" – if you hear the latter RUN! It basically means this drink is going to tear your fence to pieces, and boy it usually does.


The correct answer to "Do you want another round?"


"Légyszi" means "please", so please use it often. People appreciate it, especially bartenders.

+ Pickup tip: add this word after "can I have a kiss?" and you’ll most probably get one! ;)

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This one is also a nice one to use quite often, after getting free palinka shots for example.

"Köszönöm" is the Hungarian word for "thank you", but you can also use "köszi" - the short version.

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (Balaton Sound festival)

Nagyon jó

Stands for "very good". Use it to describe food, drinks, girls, concerts – basically, everything is "nagyon jó" when it comes to Hungarian festivals.

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K*rva jó

"F*cking awesome" – you’ll probably hear and use this version more around the festival, but avoid if there are kids or elderly people around. Please.

Now you’re good to go, see you at Sziget, Balaton Sound, VOLT or any of the countless other amazing festivals around here!

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