8 Reasons Why You Should Go To VOLT Festival In Hungary

July 12, 2018

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (VOLT festival)

We’ve visited quite a variety of festivals all around the world. We had a great time at the smallest events organized by local universities and had been blown away by the eye-popping visuals of worldwide famous festivals like Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Somewhere in between of those, there is a festival called VOLT, entertaining 120.000 music lovers for 5 days. Here are the reasons why we fell in LOVE with this festival in Hungary, and why you should put it on your bucket list too. ;)

It’s the friendliest festival on Earth

Seriously. Like ever. There is nothing quite like this we’ve ever seen. Some good vibes are in there.

For some magical reason, the locals don’t see VOLT as the most annoying 5 days of the year, like in some other festival towns. They are actually happy to see young people in the city, having fun and most of them (even the elderly ones) attend the festival for at least one day.

Sopron is a small city, with only 60.000 people – but it has an incredible hospitality. We’ve felt good vibes wherever we went: restaurants, the shops, local wineries…etc. Even the taxi drivers were cheerful and nice.

Beautiful girls

Hungarian women are the most beautiful in the world. It’s a fact.

Alright, “most beautiful” might be a subjective thing, but we’ve never seen this many natural beauties in one place. As the festival’s line up is a mixture of multiple genres, VOLT attracts all types of gorgeous girls.

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (VOLT festival)

Delicious food

If you visit one of those small family restaurants, the hospitality is not the only one that’ll blow your mind.

You must have heard of the famous Hungarian Goulash, right? It’s a must try soup, made of meat and veggies, seasoned with paprika and other spices. (It’s working very well for hangovers)

Be careful when placing your order, as these small town restaurants go completely crazy with the portions.


Fröccs is a mixture of white or rose wine, with soda and it’s the most refreshing and delicious drink we could wish for on a hot summer day.

Hungarian wines are delicious and the festivals usually have a “wine village” set up, with several booths set up by local wineries. Taste it all! ;)

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It’s crazy cheap

You could probably cover the 5 days of drinking just by breaking your piggy bank. A pint of delicious local beer (Soproni) for about 2$ at the festival, and 1.50$ in town. - No joke!

It’s not just the beer, but food, transportation, and accommodation rates are also priced way below the US and Western European average.

Photo credit: Rockstar Photographers (VOLT festival)

Sopron is beautiful

If you are not too hangover during the day, visiting the town is an absolute must. Gorgeous architecture, lovely streets, colorful flowers and good vibes all over the place.

Have I mentioned the friendly locals already?

Awesome lineup

The organizers of VOLT know how to come up with a mind-blowingly colorful mix of artists.

Just to give you an idea: this year Linkin Park, Ellie Goulding and Martin Garrix rocked the main stage, but in the past Iron Maiden, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, 30 Seconds to Mars, Steve Aoki, Skrillex and Arctic Monkeys have all been there.

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Party ‘till the morning light

Compared to Ultra, Tomorrowland or the majority of music festivals that close down around midnight, the party doesn’t stop ‘til the sun comes up in Hungary.

Good news for the early birds too: there are stages who play music from the morning, and an area filled with artisan tents where you can bring out your inner creative.

Do we need to say more? :)

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