Why Winter Festivals Are Awesome

May 30, 2018

Photo credit: © Danny North - Fanatic (Snowbombing 2017)

Hey you relentless party animal,

are you passionate about live music and the pumping beats? Do you just love having fun with your best friends the weirdest strangers? Are you counting down the days till your next festival like a six years old is waiting for Christmas?

If snowy mountain panoramas, the “touch” of untapped snow on the slopes, and snowboarding/skiing all day sounds like paradise, I have good news! You don’t have to hibernate yourself for the long winter months, there are some awesome places that mix these two of your favorite activities.

They are winter music festivals, and here are 10 reasons why we absolutely LOVE them!

Who can wait till summer?

If you are a true party animal the endless wait for summer festival season to begin is just killing you inside.

I know, I feel your pain. Sitting in the room and watching festival aftermovies trying to relive the summer moments and waiting for the next to begin is a real torture.

Winter festivals are the ultimate cure for this pain!

A ski trip without party is boring

A ski and/or snowboard trip is cool, but the dark comes early, and when all the lifts close down at 6PM what do you do?

Playing card and board games all night in the room – you know it’s just not for you.

Photo credit: Snowattack

Be active during the day

Festivals are usually about drinking and partying only, and you just lay around all day. - This won’t happen at a winter festival!

No time is wasted, and you can enjoy two of your favorite activities all day. Winter sports during the day, and partying during the night. – Awesome, huh?

Stunning panoramas

Imagine standing on the top of the mountain (and the world) with your friends, surrounded by snowy peaks and evergreen forests - all this while there is a massive party waiting for you at the end of the slope.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Making new friends is super easy

If you are a fan of winter sports you know that using the ski lifts is like rapid dating. You sit down with a few strangers at the bottom, and 10-15 minutes later you step out with a couple of new friends at the top.

And these new friends usually have some…

Surprise shots

Unlike at the summer festivals where sometimes you have to wander long distances to a bar and wait in line, everybody is prepared for these lift rides here with some Jägermeister, rum or other “liquid heaters” hidden in their coats.

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Party Village

Here’s the thing: music festivals are quite big, ski villages are quite small. - What does this result?

Super fun festival people, pumping music and madness take over the whole ski town, turning it into one huge carnival. Your neighbors at the hotel, the people standing in line at the supermarket, and the ones on the ski lifts are all happy party people.

Photo credit: Snowattack

Awesome DJs

At these winter music festivals you not only can see your favorite DJs play in an unusual setting, up in the mountains, but they usually stay for a day or two and you can meet them on the slopes. - How cool is that?

Hangovers are not that bad

Remember when you wake up on day two at a summer festival, you are hangover, it’s about a thousand degrees just making it a hundred times worse, and you are dying all day?

Well, at these winter festivals it just takes a slide down the mountain and the fresh air, the cold and physical activity will cure it all – you’ll be ready to rock again quickly.

If fresh air doesn’t help…

If it’s really really bad, just slide to the closest “hütte”, sit down on the terrace, get some hot wine, enjoy the beautiful panorama, music and make new friends!

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-Sounds good?

Check out our favorites: Snowbombing Austria, Snowbombing Canada or Snowattack in France, or if you want to explore all winter festivals just follow the link!

*Just to be crystal clear: we do not encourage you to drink alcohol on the runs. Be careful, because the insurance usually doesn’t cover accidents if you have been drinking. Safety first!

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